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Tickets have been booked!

So, after many days of sitting at the computer with numerous tabs open for numerous airlines, train companies and bus services, I gave into the confusion, walked out my door and into STA travel on Cuba St. Viktoria makes it look so easy. Within 15 or so minutes I have walked out the door with my itinerary in my hand and a smile on my face. I am going to Europe. To be exact I’m going to Europe in 24 days and  I am counting.

First stop will be Venice to stay with my darling friend Veronica Green. Not only is she a sensational artist, she’s also a cracker on the banjo. Check out her work at After Venice will be Florence, Rome and Milan. In Rome I look forward to visiting ALTERNATIVES contemporary jewellery gallery. Their website can be quite full on but the array of artists and their work is beautiful In Milan i will be visiting Alessandra Scotti Arts which has a unique range of artists and introduces the public to the artists’ wide ranging use of materials and methods. Their website has not been updated for a long time and does not hold much information but I am keen to have a look around. From there I will be travelling to The Netherlands. Gallerie Marzee, is just over the German border. Their three stories are full of contemporary jewellery, with artists I always have admired. Seeing the work in the flesh will be a real treat. Marzee has graduate exhibitions so look forward to talking to her about my work. Gallerie Ra is also a big one on the hit list.

From The Netherlands I will be travelling down to Germany for Talente. If time allows it I would like to visit Berlin. There is situated Gallerie Oona, and Schmuckfrage,

Then I will be heading down to Munich where the real fun begins. Talente is on from the 16th-22nd March, some information from the Creative New Zealand website may fill in some blanks for you, At the same time is Schmuck, which is essentially the grown-ups Talente. I am bouncing with excitement to see both the works on show at Talente and Schmuck. On the following website is an explanation of the scope of what goes on during the week of Handwerk and Design. I have also been asked to help out at Karl Fritsch, Robert Baines and Gerd Rothmanns exhibition at the Residenz in Munich. Following is a site that explains more about their work and working styles.

The excitement in Munich does not stop there. Among the many more places to see is Wittenbrink, They have an amazing store frontage which always seems to have dazzling exhibition installations. Cant wait to see one in real life instead of on the internet. Another place on the wish list is The Munich Academy of Art. Among my heroes that studied there are Karl Fritsch, and Lisa Walker,, the best husband and wife jewellery force there could be who we are now lucky enough to have living in NZ.

Another place I intend to visit is the Danner Rotunda collection of Jewellery arts in the Pinakotech der Moderne in Munich. On display there is the finest collection of contemporary jewellery the world has to offer, currently curated by Karl Fritsch. Most of my influences are on show there and to see the collection in reality would be a moving and life changing experience.

I think that’s more than enough info for one day. The sun is shining and its warm here so am off to soak it up before I head of to an early spring, chilly Europe.


Welcome to my blog. I’m in the stages of booking my tickets which having never ventured past Australia or Fiji is quite the learning process.Thankfully I am being supported in my venture by Creative New Zealand. This makes my trip possible in the first place as having just finished three years of tertiary study one can imagine there’s not much coin in the piggybank. For those of you who don’t know what I’m up to, I am one of 5 New Zealanders selected to exhibit at ‘Talente’, amongst the 90 participants who were selected from over 25 countries. As said by Peter Deckers at “Talente is one of Europe’s most prestigious showcases for emerging talent in the areas of design, technology and craft and is held annually as part of the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades in Munich, Germany.  The focus of the competition is on work that shines through, both for its formal and technical originality and technical perfection and is also ahead of its time”

Pretty chuffed to be included in this as it’s a nice thumbs up that I’m doing something right with my work.

This blog will focus on my trip to Europe, passing through Italy, Holland and ending up in Germany. I will be commenting and posting images on exhibitions, galleries and institutions that I visit on my journey.